Institut de formation naturopathique

General Information


The Institut de formation naturopathique inc. arises from the oldest of the Quebec naturopathic education institutions. This teaching, offered since 1965, made it possible to train the majority of naturopaths in Quebec.

In the mid-1960s, Raymond Barbeau, N.D., founded the Institut de Naturopathie du Québec. At that time Guy Bohemier was a professor, this enabled him to establish his program of naturopathy. This school has trained naturopaths for about ten years.

The next generation was taken care of by Jean-Marc Brunet, N.D., who founded the Institut Naturopathique in the mid-1970s. Guy Bohémier assumed the position of dean of this school. This allowed him to specify his naturopathic program. This school trained naturopaths until the year 2000.

At the beginning of the academic year 2001, the Institute de formation naturopathique  (IFN) founded by Guy Bohémier was called to take over.

In June 2007, the Institut de formation naturopathique made its study program even more accessible by offering it on its website For 10 years the course is offered only on the Internet.

Guy Bohémier, N.D., the current director of the Institut de formation naturopathique inc., Is continuing the work he has undertaken for nearly 47 years in the field of naturopathic education.


The Institut de formation Naturopathique (IFN) aims to provide qualitative education in naturopathy. It offers three training programs that lead respectively to a diploma in Naturopathy, a diploma in Health management and a diploma in Trophology.

The IFN also aims to promote naturopathy. In order to do so, we now offer a distance-learning course available on the Internet, enabling us to reach more people interested in studying naturopathy. We are also working to maintain sound management in order to offer very competitive prices while offering qualitative education and thus increase accessibility to reach as many people as possible.


The IFN provides teaching based on the HYGIONOMISTE® approach. This approach implies a thorough knowledge of the natural factors of health and allows a correct management of the habits of living.

Our educational institution is a holder of the trademark of HYGIONOMISTE®. Under license, this trademark is granted to two organizations: the Association Internationale de Naturopathie Hygionomiste (AINH) and the Societé ÉducoSanté (SES). These organisms use the trade mark as ‘’HYGIONOMISTE® approach’’ to describe the range of measures taken in the practice of naturopathy and in disease prevention.


The naturopathic education program of naturopathy from the Institut de formation naturopathique (IFN) is recognized by the Association internationale de Naturopathie Hygionomiste. The Institute is also collaborating with Société ÉducoSanté, an organization working in the field of the prevention of disease and is incorporated as a non- profit organization.

The Institute’s naturopathic education program is also recognized by the majority of naturopathic professional associations in Quebec.

President founder

The Institut de formation naturopathique (IFN) was founded by Guy Bohémier, BA, B.Ped., ND., Ph.D. The obtention of several diplomas supported his naturopathic journey,  a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor’s Degree in Pedagogy from the University of Montreal, a doctorate in naturopathy from the Lincoln College of Naturopathic Physicians and Surgeons of the State of Indiana and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Susan B. Anthony University of the State of Missouri.

Guy Bohémier is also obtained the Grand Prize of Medical Sciences Claude Bernard awarded by the Institut d’Humanisme Biologique (France).

He taught naturopathy from 1965 to 2018.

In addition, Guy Bohémier was president of the Association Internationale de Naturopathie Hygionomiste and the president founder of the Société ÉducoSanté.

His expertise in the field of naturopathic education is recognized worldwide.

IFN Professional programs

Our professional, comprehensive and accessible programs, created by Guy Bohémier, have trained qualified naturopaths for more than 45 years.