Institut de formation naturopathique

A word from the Director

The study of naturopathy

The student who engages in the program offered by the IFN will have to develop a naturopathic way of thinking. Our teachings will allow him to conceive otherwise the notions of health and disease. Just as the initiator (John H. Scheel) of the word naturopathy originally intended, we teach our students that health can only come from respect for nature

The programs offered are therefore based on the HYGIONOMISTE® approach. This conception of naturopathy, faithful to its origins, is an important distinction in the teaching offered at the Institut de formation naturopahique. Since our HYGIONOMISTE® naturopathy course according to the HYGIONOMISTE® approach is based on lifestyle management, we can argue that this course is accessible, clear, comprehensible and accurate. This is an unprecedented and a unique approach at the Institut de formation naturopathique inc. Those who wish to know these principles and possibly apply them as naturopaths for the benefit of the population, choose to study with us. They will thus contribute in perpetuating the noble naturopathic profession.

Lise Larose Bohémier, N.D., Director

IFN Professional programs

Our professional, comprehensive and accessible programs, created by Guy Bohémier, have trained qualified naturopaths for more than 45 years.