Institut de formation naturopathique

Advantages of our distance courses

Functionality of the most advantageous

• The student is guided at all times on each part of the course that he must overcome.

• Educational support is provided by a course supervisor throughout the duration of the course.

• The course was designed in a user-friendly way to allow the student to easily navigate the site.

• The student operates at all times at his or her own pace. He can put as much time as he can to study a booklet. In particular, he can come back at will.

• The student can communicate with the teacher at any time. A possibility of interview by telephone is also possible.

• Unlike the courses given on premises, the student does not have course notes to take. He has the full text of all courses and can refer to it at any time.

• Our distance courses allow the student to avoid traveling to attend classes.


IFN Professional programs

Our professional, comprehensive and accessible programs, created by Guy Bohémier, have trained qualified naturopaths for more than 45 years.