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L’Institut de formation naturopathique inc. (IFN) Is the owner of the trade-mark of HYGIONOMISTE®.

Under license, this trademark is granted to two organizations: the Association Internationale de Naturopathie Hygionomiste (AINH) and the Societé ÉducoSanté (SES). These organisms use this trade-mark under the expression “HYGIONOMISTE® approach” to describe all of the measures put forward in the practice of naturopathy and the prevention of illness.

IFN offers three programs of study.

The Institut de formation naturopathique inc. is of the opinion that distance learning is a way of making the study of Naturopathy, Health management and Trophology accessible throughout Quebec and around the world. All three of these programs are available at IFN.

Admission Requirements

We do not require a prerequisite when registering for our naturopathic course. Admission to our distance education is open to all. Candidates under the age of 18 who wish to study naturopathy must provide parental permission.

We give all applicants the chance to demonstrate their ability to understand the subject taught. However, we consider it our duty to maintain the value of our degree and the reputation of our institution that trains professional naturopaths since the late 1960s. We therefore require that students pass the questionnaires and summative exams of our training and demonstrate the seriousness of their academic approach

Out of respect for the profession, for our graduates and for future consulting clients, our standards are high. Registered students must meet our success thresholds at each stage to continue their training. We exercise control over the progress of our students in order to evaluate the seriousness of their learning process and their level of understanding of the concepts taught. Our program allows a student who fails a questionnaire to retake via a essay question. However, this is a compensatory measure that must remain extremely rare in the student’s career path. We provide support for the methodologies to be used to successfully complete the course, however the student is primarily responsible for its success. It can happen that a student is not able to reach the thresholds, but the success rate is very high (more than 95%).

Naturopathy Program

The Naturopathy course trains naturopaths who will be called upon to scrutinize the lifestyle of the person consulting the naturopath, to make various evaluations and to propose recommendations aimed at modifying their bad habits. This person receives, therefore, a true education through which she can regain, improve or maintain her health. Students who successfully complete the Naturopathic Degree will eventually become a practicing member of the Societé ÉducoSanté as well as the professional association of naturopathy (AINH) Association Internationale de Naturopathie Hygionomiste. It will also be possible for them to become members of another professional association of their choice.

Health Management Program

The Health Management course was created specifically for Société ÉducoSanté. It is used to train practitioners in prevention, able to adequately guide anyone who wishes to prevent illness, to maintain its health or to improve it. Students who succeed in obtaining a diploma in Health management can subsequently become practitioner members of the Société ÉducoSanté.

Trophology Program

In our trophology course, we have selected the main topics related to food that are included in our naturopathy course. For the person wishing to perfect his knowledge in trophology, this course is particularly indicated.

All of our distance learning programs are based on high-quality teaching materials developed by
Guy Bohémier, N.D., director of the IFN.



IFN Professional programs

Our professional, comprehensive and accessible programs, created by Guy Bohémier, have trained qualified naturopaths for more than 45 years.