Association Internationale de Naturopathie Hygionomiste

General information


The International Association of Naturopathic Hygionomists (AINH) was founded in 2013. This association consists of qualified people, according to the HYGIONOMISTE® approach, as taught at the Institut de formation naturopathique.



The AINH aims to support and supervise naturopaths who use the HYGIONOMISTE® approach and treat illness, prevent it and maintain the health of their patient through the management of healthy living habits. Its goal is to maintain and improve health, as well as prevent illness. In the field of natural health methods, a great deal of therapeutic work has been done, but prevention has been neglected. This deficiency had to be corrected.



AINH (Association Internationale de Naturopathie Hygionomiste) is a subsidiary of the Société ÉducoSanté (SES). The latter has a chart of the Government of Quebec under Part III of the Companies Act, as a non-profit organization.

As a subsidiary of Société ÉducoSanté, AINH is subject to a specific code of ethics. As SES members work in the perfectly legal field of prevention, the code of ethics states that if a naturopath wishes to treat patients, which in Quebec and several countries is not legal but well tolerated, he has the obligation to make it clear to his client that he no longer does prevention, but naturopathic treatment.

By making AINH a subsidiary of the SES, it is granted an official status of legality, provided that a member scrupulously respects the code of ethics of AINH. See this subject in the section Code of Ethics.


Requirement to be a member of AINH

One can become a member of the AINH if one holds the diploma in naturopathy, awarded by the Institut de formation naturopathique.


Advantages of being a member of the AINH

  1. To belong to an international of naturopathic organization.
  2. To be a member of an association registered in the Québec Business Register as a subsidiary of Société ÉducoSanté, which holds a chart of the Government of Québec that incorporates it as a not-for-profit organization.
  3. Be a member of an association with a Code of Ethics that governs the activities of its members.
  4. The members of the AINH are members for life and have only one contribution to pay. They remain members as long as they practice their profession in compliance with the Code of Ethics.
  5. To be a member of the AINH allows to receive on the Internet the communications intended for the members and to be informed of the publication of the various documents of the Continuous Formation.
  6. AINH members can use the AINH letter on their business card and advertising.
  7. AINH members can state that their practice is consistent with the HYGIONOMISTE® approach. This privilege is granted to them under license by the Institut de formation naturopathique, the holder of this trademark.

Our Association Internationale de Naturopathie Hygionomiste® AINH

Our naturopathic graduates can join the ranks of our international association a subsidiary of the Société Éduco-Santé.