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Members of the Association Internationale de Naturopathie Hygionomiste may use a particular expression to describe their approach to naturopathy. This is the HYGIONOMISTE® approach. This word is a trademark that our naturopaths use under license to describe their conception and practice of naturopathy.

Of what consists this approach? Essentially, it consists in applying natural health factors. These factors have been summarized in an official text. They are relatively numerous and they involve all measures aimed at identifying health living habits.

When a person applies this approach, they can hope to enjoy the best possible health. She puts in fact all the odds on her side to have good health since she then conforms to all the measures that justify a healthy life. To be healthy, you must first and foremost live healthily.

Nowadays, everyone seems to be convinced of good lifestyle habits. But in reality, the opposite is often the case. We are taking actions that are opposed to health. Our lifestyle has virtually nothing to do with health. Our environment is polluted; we are over-medicated; we easily resort to vaccination and other polluting measures; in short, we are more or less constantly immersed in a toxic and antiphysiological world.

If we were to make a real inventory of our bad living habits, we would be amazed at our situation. We introduce into our organism all kinds of undesirable substances. When we are sick, we take advantage of it to intoxicate us more by medicating ourselves. Our health care is contrary to human physiology.

And what is most deplorable about all this is that many people think they are making good gestures, whereas in reality they are committing error on error. In the field of health, good intentions are not enough. It is necessary to make the right gestures, those that are in accordance with our physiological needs.

Nowadays, we must relearn the rules of healthy life. We need to put everything in question by constantly asking ourselves questions. In particular, we need to make a clean sweep of the conventional knowledge and start afresh. For example, we need to ask ourselves how a toxic substance can give us health? By what miracle could a poison do us good? How can a sick person benefit from a toxic measure?

Nowadays, it is as if people were at the service of the pharmaceutical industry and there was no other way to be healthy than to consume medicines. In reality, the HYGIONOMISTE® approach is very different from taking medicines in order to regain health.

The HYGIONOMISTE® approach, put forward by our naturopaths, replaces the notion of health in its true context. It tells us that we are responsible for our health and that it is acquired through the adoption of healthy living habits. It puts forward all the natural factors of health and teaches us to apply them correctly in our everyday life.

It is a logical approach that responds to established and well demonstrated principles. It must be applied by anyone who wishes to obtain the highest degree of health possible. It is an approach that our naturopaths teach to the people who consult them.

Guy Bohémier, N.D., S.E.S., Ph.D.
Founder of the AINH

List of organizations and individuals who are authorized to use the HYGIONOMISTE® approach

This privilege is licensed by the Institut de formation naturopathique Inc., the holder of the trademark HYGIONOMISTE®.

  • Graduates from the naturopathy cours of the Institut de formation naturopathique inc.
  • Graduates from the Health Management course of the Société ÉducoSanté
  • Members of the Association Internationale de Naturopathie Hygionomiste
  • Practitioner members of the Société ÉducoSanté


List of offenders

Any organization and individual that has usurped the title: HYGIONOMISTE® Approach without right are displayed below.

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