Société ÉducoSanté

General Information


The Société ÉducoSanté was founded in 1993 to fill the void that exists in the area of disease prevention through healthy lifestyles.
Its president, Dr. Guy Bohémier, Ph.D., has created two very specific sections to achieve this goal: a training school that offers a course in health management and a group of prevention professionals. This last grouping consists of the Practitioner Members of the Société ÉducoSanté. Graduates of the training school can join the Practitioner Members.


The société ÉducoSanté aims to promote the correct management of lifestyle habits. Its purpose is to maintain and improve health, as well as prevent disease. In the field of natural health methods, a great deal of therapeutic work has been done, but prevention has been neglected. This void had to be corrected.


The société ÉducoSanté was incorporated as a non-profit corporation by letters patent of the Gouvernement du Québec under Part III of the Companies Act.
Among the objects for which the corporation was constituted are the following:
•to group together the persons qualified in terms of prevention of the disease by appropriate management of the habits of life;
•to promote, to the public, the concept of this form of prevention of
•the disease;
•holding meetings, reunions, lectures, talks, courses, workshops,
•exhibitions to promote this concept;
•to promote and encourage research on this concept;
•to facilitate, for the benefit of its members, the acquisition of
•knowledge and continuous formation.


The Société EducoSanté brings together practicing members who define themselves as experts in the matter of maintaining and improving health, as well as in prevention of the disease, by a correct management of the habits of life.


Practitioner Members of the Société EducoSanté receive, in particular, people in consultation, analyze in the most exhaustive possible way their life habits and make recommendations aimed at correcting their faulty habits in order to maintain or improve health and to prevent the disease.

Advantages of being a member of the Société ÉducoSanté

1. To belong to an organization that works in a totally legal field. Indeed, SES is essentially concerned with the prevention of illness, with maintaining health and the improvement of health. These three areas of activity are not prohibited by any Quebec laws and probably by none in the world.

2. To be a member of an association that holds a Quebec government chart that incorporates it as a non-profit organization.

3. The organization is notably endowed with Regulations and a Code of ethics which regulates the activity of its members.

4. You can become a member of the SES if you have a diploma in Health Management awarded from the Société ÉducoSanté or a diploma in naturopathy awarded from the Institut de formation naturopathique A membership in SES does not imply an annual membership fee. If one of the two conditions described above is met, you can become a member of SES by completing the application form. We can remain a member as long as the the Code of ethics is respected.
5. Being a member of the SES makes it possible to receive communications for members via the Internet communications and to be notified of the publication of the various documents of the Continuous formation.
6. Members of the SES may use the letters S.E.S. on their business cards and advertising following their name to signify their belonging to the Société ÉducoSanté.

7. SES members may state that their practice is consistent with the HYGIONOMISTE® approach. This privilege is granted to them under license by the Institut de formation naturopathique, the holder of this trademark.

Learning how to live well

Become health manager and help people prevent disease through healthy lifestyles.